T&PL Pond Liners
Bladder Tanks and Pond Liners

“Now that I have my liner, where do I start?”
Hopefully, when you received your liner you carefully inspected the exterior packaging for signs of damage or abuse. If not, and damage to the packaging is apparent, please contact us before proceeding. Please note: due to the durability of our products, it is likely that even if the cover material is damaged, the liner may not be affected.

Once the liner is delivered and inspected, please remove the banding and outer cover. It may be necessary to CAREFULLY cut the geotextile wrapper to gain access to the bundle. Do not cut the bandson the liner itself at this time.

Once the bundle has been exposed, the top of the liner should be
labeled with 2 dimensions with directional arrows. The first number
and arrow signify the length and “unroll” direction. The second number
and arrow signify the width and “unfold” direction.

Place the bundle in any one of the indicated spots and unroll in the direction of the arrow 100’. Once the bundle is laying flat along the ground, have all available helpers spread out evenly and pick up the top/leading edge, and pull the liner across the
pond 68’. It is recommended that you place people at a minimum of every 15-20 feet along the edge, deploying evenly across the pond.
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Installation of Pipe Boot with Tape
After installation on of pond liner, carefully cut hole to allow pipe to slide through liner. Allow liner to fit flat on ground.

Slide boot over pipe and push down to pond floor/wall, etc…

Carefully cut boot flange base so that it exceeds the cut in the liner by 4 to 6 inches in all directions.
Make the flange square.

Clean liner and flange. Use water, MEK, Xylene, etc… Do not use soap.

Mark a line around flange and remove boot.

Please note some versions of our tape on boots now come with fully adhesive coated base plates identified by a white peel off layer on the entire bottom of the boot. If applicable please skip step #7 below and proceed to step #8

Place 2" wide double sided tape on liner (bottom view drawing). Be sure to overlap at corners by 14".
Leave film layer on the top of tape. Use a rag to firmly press down the tape and work out any wrinkles.

Replace boot remove protective covering and press down on the tape and work out wrinkles.

Place 4" single sided tape completely over edge of boot, centering on the seam.

Place band clamp on boot riser approximately 1" from top of boot. Tighten and cover with 4" single sided tape.


Concrete Attachment

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Pond Liner Installation

This method can have air pockets and bubbles because you are sealing in the air and it cannot escape unless you cut vents in liner every 10ft at top of berm May or may not be necessary.

Pond liner
Give pond a week to let air escape before covering top of liner on berm, with dirt or rocks.
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